For the Terronian Festival, Shara presents for the first time the song “Vento del Sud” that will be the launch single of her second musical project where she finally sings in the Italian language, an EP of four new tracks and a cover paying tribute to a great singer and “poet” of the Italian South, Bungaro. This new CD will close with the Spanish version of Giorno (Day), written and composed by Shara for the Terronian Festival and here reborn in a different, more personal arrangement. The recording of Vento del Sud started in September of 2013 and was completed in August 2015 under the direction of the musician and arranger Pasquale Faggiano. The EP, produced by the artist herself, sees the participation of many renowned musicians from the Italian scene such as the guitarist Carlo Fimiani, the bassist Aldo Vigorito, the drummer Vittorio Riva, the bassist and arranger Gigi De Rienzo, the violinist Gennaro Desideri and others. Just to keep coherence with the entire project all the musicians who played in the EP are from the Southern lands except for Infinito sei whose orchestral session was entirely recorded by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra at the Magyar Radio in Budapest. Entirely written and composed by the artist herself, apart from the song Guardastelle, the EP will be released first through the net on the 26th of January 2016. The sense and the aim of this work is to highlight the copious excellences that the Italian southern lands hold, places rich in history, art, traditions, culture and good food of course. Vento del Sud is part of the big and ambitious project that Shara conceived at the end of 2011, the Terronian Project, and aspires to value and promote the Southern territories which are usually kept in the shadow.